Keila Anali Saucedo is the child of Jaime Saucedo Corona y Rosalia Martinez Salgado. They have been writing, storytelling, lying, and creating travesura since their childhood. They are a playwright, performing artist, and theatre maker originally from Chicago, IL. They have presented work with Patrick's Cabaret, Lightning Rod, Mother Goose's Bedtime Stories, Teatro del Pueblo, and the 20% Theatre Company. They are blessed to be an ensemble member at Pangea World Theater, where they also serve as the Executive Productions Assistant. They have a long history of theater production, devising, and ensemble building. Produced works include "Only I", "What I Have Left To Eat", and "Brujería for Beginners". Keila Anali's work is an attempt at alchemy using ancestral wisdom, survivor technology, and queer discoveries.

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